All of these Inspirers have themselves changed lives. 

Today, if they are joining in the Socrate in Love adventure, it is to support you in the best way possible in this phase of change and evolution that they themselves have already gone through and are today completely fulfilled.

It is now your turn ! 

Come discover them, your change of life can finally begin with one of them.


Isabelle Thomas

Style and self-image consultant
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Charlotte Vitasse

Professional coaching and training
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Franck Vansoen

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Patrick Edouard

Sports & well-being
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Nelly Perlade

Artistic Coach
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Web Designer
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Agathe Le Blanc

Accompagnement psycho-social
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Noémie Vega

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Anne Hugard

Talent caregiver
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Renaud Mondetegui

Multicultural support
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maëlle Hervouët

Communications officer / community manager
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Vanessa Boren

Expert Feng Shui
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Nadine Chadefaux

Helping people find Joy
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Vincent Le Bouder

Expert communicator & professional support
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Nour Ezzedeen

Strategy and brand identity
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karim Bouhajeb

Strategic, operational and digital marketing
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Macha Polivka

Accompagnement Holistique
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Evelyne El Koubi

Professeur de Yoga
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Nathalie Calvet

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To learn how to know yourself and to orient yourself in the right direction, towards the Inspirer meant for you.