Why ?


In motion

Socrate in Love innovates by offering to support people whom we call “Aspirants”, and who decide to get set in motion, in their new quality of life by connecting them with experienced people known as “Inspirers”, who will be able to help them with their experience in various fields, because they have themselves changed their lives.  

Socrate in Love was born of a journey founded on values of social, societal and environmental ecology, in order to defend a new vision of inclusive personal and professional development.

Lydia Harroch

After twenty years of teaching and consulting with the most prestigious luxury brands as expert in brand consultancy and customer experience, you continue to amaze your ecosystem by proposing a new concept that is perfectly in line with new societal priorities. Tell us about this new adventure: Socrate in Love?

 1. Why Socrate in Love ?

Tout d’abord j’ai été inspirée par Socrate qui très justement dit « connais-toi toi-même ». Certes c’est philosophique mais c’est un exercice qui pour certains peut prendre une vie entière afin de s’épanouir pleinement. Universelle, cette citation est plus que jamais une vérité intemporelle.

In Love, because it does not suffice to know thyself. You should also love yourself to better communicate with and interact with others.

C’est pourquoi, le logo devait être classique tout en ayant une touche anarchique. Il représente la raison et la « punk » attitude. Il faut en effet accepter de sortir de sa zone de confort, de son cadre pour trouver son chemin d’épanouissement personnel.

Le concept de Socrate In Love, c’est la création d’une communauté à la recherche de son « soi » que mon parcours personnel et professionnel m’a permis de développer.

 2. How did you get this idea ?

Moi-même je me suis posée des tas de questions. Je n’étais plus satisfaite et j’ai eu besoin de renouveau, de redonner un nouvel élan à ma vie. J’ai donc commencé à chercher ce que je pouvais faire et je me demandais : « qu’est- ce que je cherche ? », « comment je trouve quelqu’un pour m’aider à m’orienter ? ».

I decided to look for a solution. And, it is finally while paving the path for myself that I realised there were many people around me in similar situations. However, the need for change was not the same for all the people I met, or even the testimonies that I read. The process was already present in some, whilst in others it was just emerging.

Finally, all these questions that I ask in Socrates, are answers to my own questions.

 3. What satisfaction are you expecting ?

Tout simplement participer au développement de chacun en accompagnant les gens à rencontrer des personnes qui ont eux-mêmes changé de vie et qui sont devenus experts dans leur domaine. Existe-t-il de meilleurs interlocuteurs ? C’est tout aussi inspirant qu’encourageant dans notre société.

4. How have you selected your "Inspirers" ?

I have been lucky to meet wonderful people throughout my life. They have all inspired me either by their uncommon experience, their personality, their tenacity or even their own reinvention. Seeing these successful people living their passion in all sincerity is in my opinion the challenge of Socrate In Love.

It is therefore essential that the inspirers who join in the concept be of high moral and professional standards so that trust can be established.

 5. How do you see tomorrow’s world of work ?

I think that the labour codes are going to evolve in order to place the human as priority in the enterprise. The company of tomorrow will have to consider people for who they are, it will have to set up systems in which what we call “employee experience” will truly make sense. It will only have everything to gain by building loyalty in staff who are satisfied and committed in the growth of the company and the satisfaction of customers.

6. Finally, if you had a magic wand, what would you like to change ?

I would like to live in a society where people are satisfied and fulfilled in the work they do, without any conditions. I would like them to allow themselves to want to be revived and welcome change in their lives of they feel the need for it, without it having to be a challenge. It is through the lens of Socrate in Love that I wish to participate in this change and hope to make this magic wand a reality.

To learn how to know yourself and to orient yourself in the right direction, towards the Inspirer meant for you.