Nelly Perlade

Artistic Coach

Photographer, painter, digital art

Nelly Perlade has always been interested in the planet and in people. She quite early on got involved in the protection of the environment and the association of Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau, then that of Nicolas Hulot. They are her inspirers. 



Following some great meetings and opportunities, Nelly switched over to another world, that of photography. It is the image that has always been for her the guiding path of her encounters, of her shares. 

She then decided to open her photography agency in Paris. She also at the same time became a personal coach in order to put her artistic and commercial expertise at the service of photographers, both professional and passionate amateurs.



Nelly counsels them, guides them, and helps them to express themselves, to value themselves, to identify their expectations and desires… in order to progress better.

Being part of a community whose members want to share their expertise with passion is a source of human wealth that we all need and it is with great joy that Nelly becomes part of the Socrate in Love adventure.


Trust yourself, Create ! ... Yes, YOU CAN !!

If I were

A cause : Education
A gift : Be multilingual

A hero : Simone Veil
A delicacy : The Merveilleux
A place to relax : A beach with a view on mountains 
A book / a novel : « Change yourself, change the world » By Christophe André, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pierre Rabhi and Mathieu Ricard 

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What I offer

And what if you review your aspirations !!

As an artistic agent and coach, my mission is to make you evolve, progress in your field whatever your specialization may be: photography, digital illustration, video…

My offer : proceed in steps

. Review your aspirations and wishes

After having taken note of your accomplishments : 

. Advice and exchanges
. Suggestions of new horizons 
. Expansion of your field with your skills
. Follow-up of your artistic projects

Advice on the presentation of your works and for communications

. On your site
. On social networking sites (instagram etc…)
. On your artistic projects

Our meeting and exchanges will take place either face-to-face or by videoconference

At a fixed fee for 1 hour : by videocall or face to face

To learn how to know yourself and to orient yourself in the right direction, towards the Inspirer meant for you.