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Vanessa Boren, Consultant, considers this statement to be the basic principle of Feng Shui – The true art of creating living space, an age-old wisdom which has its origins in Taoist philosophy. 

At certain stages in our lives, we can feel hemmed in, blocked, and know we need to make changes. Such transformations can take form in our homes. Feng Shui teaches us how to rearrange and organize our living space in tune with our aspirations, our desires.

Originally from California and Mexico, after a career as a Fashion Editor in New York and Paris, Vanessa went on a retreat in 1998 to Thich Nhat Hahn's Plum Village in France where she spent a year fostering a true connection to the natural world. After exposure to Feng Shui she embarked on an extensive training program, Vanessa became a Feng Shui Expert in 2000.

She also followed Interior Design classes at the famed Ecole Boulle in Paris. She opened the boutique La Maison Feng Shui in Paris in 2004, and then started the Feng Shui Design School, the first in France to integrate Feng Shui into Interior Design. Vanessa currently resides outside Paris and consults and teaches throughout Europe.


In her Feng Shui practice, Vanessa Boren works both with private individuals and businesses. She has intervened on projects in hotels, bed and breakfasts, spas, offices, company headquarters, Interior Design boutiques, an International Boarding School in Switzerland….

Vanessa is the author of "Tout le Feng Shui" in 2009, and "Styles Feng Shui" in 2012, with Editions de La Martinière, and translated her first book into English "All About Feng Shui", that can be found on Amazon. 

“We can all achieve our dreams. All we need to do is to believe and to put the world around us into action.”

If I were

A cause : Our dear Mother Earth, our first home and that all living beings find peace and serenity and equal rights

A gift : To fly

A hero : Gandhi

A treat : A « fraisier »

A place to get nourished : A Feng Shui home 

A book : The Tao Te Ching, Lao Tseu

"The house is not just the walls, it is the space between" Lao Tseu

What I offer

Vanessa's goal is to provide practical tips to help you build a home that looks and feels like you and that brings supportive energy into your home, life, work, family and relationships.

First meeting at your home 
  • Exchange ideas about your existing or potential future projects, define your needs and your approach
  • Study and make first observations of the life energy in your living space both interior and exterior environment
  • Study and make first observations of the life energy in your living space both interior and exterior environment. Obtain your current architectural drawings/plans/room measurements and the dates of birth for you and your family members
  • Determination of the orientations of the cardinal points, study of the geobiology of the bedrooms
  • Determination of the allocation of the bedrooms according to the favorable directions and configuration of the geobiology. During the planning process of a newly constructed home, I can define which spaces and bedroom locations are more nourishing for the different family members occupying the home.
Second meeting on location at the home 
  • Explanations of the Kua numbers of each family member, directions and favorable sectors (directions & two elements) for each individual, according to the plan of the house 
  • Laying Feng Shui layers with the bagua and all of the five elements, colors and materials laid out on the plans
  • Detailed explanations by looking room by room with the corresponding elements and together determine if a transformation of the room, involving the furniture and the decoration (colors, materials, objects) are necessary
  • Choice of colors from different sources, wallpapers, paintings, carpets, carpets, and general interior decoration to create harmonious rooms according to your desires. Proposals for the ideal layout of the bed, the rooms and the layout of all rooms.
Third meeting on location at the home 

Consists of continuing the review with the corresponding elements, colors and materials to complete all the rooms.

Practical application planning meeting. Verification of the five elements put in place during the first and second appointments. (Quality of sleep if problematic, etc.)

  • Followed by a second meeting to complete all the pieces
  • Practical application of the layout
  • Verification of the elements put in place during the first and second meeting. (Quality of sleep if problem, etc. etc.)
  • Following the consultations, follow-up by email or telephone is offered in order to answer all additional questions


FOR NEW CONSTRUCTIONS AND EXTENSIVE RENOVATIONS. For example, an in-depth study of architectural project plans, the location of rooms is studied and defined in advance according to the sectors and favorable directions of all the inhabitants.

NOTE : Included exclusively in packages of homes over 100 m2 and optional with extra cost hourly rate for consultations that consist of an additional meeting. Prices start at 300 €.

My Works 

His first book, “Tout le Feng Shui” was published in 2009 followed by “Styles Feng Shui” in 2012 by Éditions De La Martinière Styles.

 “All About Feng Shui, Sacred Interiors, Sacred Teachings” was published in 2019 on Amazon.


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