Helping people find Joy

Following a demanding career in the corporate sector, Nadine committed more than a decade at the heart of a humanitarian aid organization. A creative, committed, multilingual individual, she has lived in a variety of locations in France and abroad.

Driven by her own search for meaning and her desire to improve the world around her, Nadine decided to shape her passions into a career.

Trained in the Nia ™ technique, Reiki, and Soul-to-Soul communication, she now helps people to return to what's truly important : to reconnect with their body and senses, to replenish their life force, and to bring the joy back into their all-to-often stressful and turbulent life.

Nadine finds herself perfectly aligned with the values and mission of this diverse collective of inspiring people. It's no surprise that she immediately accepted the offer to join the venture of Socrate in Love. The combination of skills, vision, and knowledge comprise a valuable asset to all who call on Socrate in Love ! She is delighted to meet people who seek change in their lives. She can help them to find a sense of direction and move forward.

Help people to find joy again, so they can dare to live the life that suits them best.

If I were

A cause : Alphabetisation 

A gift : A teleportation 

A hero : Sister Emmanuelle, Simone Veil, Rigoberta Menchú

A gourmet delicacy : A ripe fig, just barely clinging to the tree

A place to recharge : The water of the world's seas and oceans

A book / work of art : Soufi, Mon Amour by Elif Shafak

"Joy is the essence of all fundamental change, in all creation."
"Every action, when carried out with joy, has meaning. It carries us, evitalizes us, fortifies us."

What I offer

Coaching for Mind, Body, and Spirit

I'll show you how to bring joy back into your life.  This will help you to accomplish everything you've dreamed, to overcome your obstacles, and to dare to be yourself. There are several tools and types of coaching available :

1. Do you wish to reconnect with your body ? To find inner peace and truly feel yourself ? To lose weight, become more flexible, and feel better ?

Nia™ is a form of dance that does away with "levels" and is open to all people. It focuses on physical and emotional well-being and boosts your creativity.  Nia ™ will help you to feel at peace with your body by re-energizing you and getting you out of your comfort zone. I provide this in courses, short group workshops (2-3hr), and individual lessons.

2. Do you want to recharge your batteries ?

I suggest you participate in a Reiki session with me. Reiki is a powerful energy technique that calms your emotions, harmonizes your sense of being, and helps you to free yourself of emotional burdens.  It's the ideal path to recover your peace of mind and judgement.

3. Are you lost ? Do you feel out of place ? You need answers.

I can guide you through a communication with your soul to identify your purpose in life. This intuitive listening experience will bring you clarity and answers, precious assets for when you are ready to move forward.

Our first step will be a preliminary meeting (in-person, by phone, or through videoconference) to explore your needs. We'll work together to clarify your goals and determine the ideal path.

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