Strategy and brand identity

Coming from an international background, Nour has evolved between two continents. Enriched with 18 years spent in the Middle-East and in Europe, she has acquired specialized skills in intercultural relations, whilst developing her expertise in visual communication.


Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in business and in freelance, she today owns two prosperous companies.


Her purpose : bring out the very essence of a brand, define its visual history, perpetuate it and inspire a communication that is both authentic and resourceful.

The “new normal” : finally align yourself with your dreams and your values.

Launch yourself with faith, love and determination !

If I were

A cause : Access to culture and knowledge

A gift : Defy the laws of gravity 

Un héros : Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Jane Goodall

Une gourmandise : Le café gourmand

Un endroit où se ressourcer : En forêt

A book / a novel : The one by Sénèque

"From business plan to the visual identity of a brand – or how to associate science and art”

"Branding and social networks – good practices”

What I offer

Telephone exchange of 90 minutes

It is not always easy to have the necessary perspective, I offer you a fresh look on your communication aspects :

  • I draw an inventory and bring in my recommendations
  • I quickly clarify your uncertainties and give concrete solutions to your problems (strategy, identity, marketing, brand promotion etc…)
Your brand positioning

The market in which you evolve is in perpetual motion, I help you to review your positioning in order to optimise your offer :

  • I segment your target and analyse its behavioural patterns
  • I draw up your competitive mapping in a specific environment
  • I align your brand value with the expectations of your target
The creation and promotion of your brand

You need an activation plan and efficient marketing tools in order to proudly introduce your brand :

  • Evaluate the environment strategically

I will help you analyse your market, your clients, the competitive and societal environment, in order to draw relevant conclusions for your branding strategy.

  • Design your brand identity to match your ambitions

From choosing the name of your brand to its registration with the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), going through choosing the colors, forms and typographies, I will guide you in the creation of a logo and a graphic charter that are coherent and unique.

  • Display your brand proudly

I will guide you in choosing and activating the tools required for your digital marketing. I will advise you in influencer marketing 2.0. in order to optimise the image you send out to the targeted public.

The creation of your brand content

With the rise of the analogue and the digital, content has become king, you need to create supports to share your news :

  • Optimize your branding

After conducting an assessment, I help you in optimising your existing supports – as much in substance as in form.

  • Master the codes of visual communication

I will give you sound access to mastering layout codes in order to create quality content.

  • Create an autonomy

I will guide you in choosing tools for creating contents adapted to your needs and train you so that you can produce them in full autonomy.

The definition of your brand image 

You wish to get artistic inputs on the visual designing of your brand :

  • Increase your brand awareness

I carry out a visual benchmark for you in order to position your brand in a unique manner.

  • Affirm your brand

I will develop mood-boards for you with 3 different artistic directions that will permit you to make a creative and graphic choice.  

  • Define your brand

I will lay-out the frame of your brand on mood-boards (typographic codes, color codes, shapes, textures, patterns, mood shots, etc) so that you can have a range of looks for it while preserving its DNA.

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