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From Madrid, where he has been living for the past 25 years now, Renaud Mondetegui changed his life around ten years ago. From Projects Director for international associations, he became a consultant-trainer, coach and expert in intercultural management. Since then, he supports his clients abroad and brings in the keys of decoding and success to those who, like him, have either by pleasure or by necessity decided to live in another country or work in an international environment.

His assets : he is particularly familiar with international lifestyles and professionals as well as the expectations of individuals from different countries, understands and uninhibitedly explains the often hidden, sometimes subtle cultural differences and provides his clients with a detailed framework of reference. His expertise allows him to set the tone when it comes to ways of doing things, interacting, solving, managing, communicating, selling, managing, settling, living, etc. He bluntly explains why and how to avoid stereotypes and stigmatization, which are often unfounded and very far removed from reality but specific to the temperaments of individuals from various countries and cultures.

Joining Socrate in Love is for him to offer the possibility of supporting those who decide to change their life, meet new challenges, understand and work with new interlocutors whilst juggling not only with new customs and habits but also, and specially, to learn how to converge their hard skills with their soft skills in order to thrive in an international arena.

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A book / a novel : « When cultures collide » – Richard D. Lewis 

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